mercredi 31 août 2011

How do you deal with the anger of children

How to deal with the child nervous (and tantrums of the child):
Tantrums are located in many of the kids between the ages of two to four years... In some cases, have an illness background.
We see that if the kid did not meet the desire, he strongly screamed, cryed and designed himself on the ground and sometimes beats his head in anger.

What do we do in this situation?
Especially if you got this problem before people... Or in a public place... The kid asked candy or ice cream in the supermarket or a game in a public market... When the parents refused he starts screaming and to avoid embarrassment we see that parents meet his request only to silence him and look away people.

How do we control  these tantrums (episodes of anger of the child):
research And behavioral studies on kids indicate that to meet the desire of the kid when yelling … and give him what he wants is the main reason to make this act continues ... the kid does it once and it becomes a habit... He knows that the easiest way to do what he wants is to scream and rage.

How to deal with anger ?
1 - Stay calm... And do not get angry... and if you're in a public place do not be ashamed... And remember that all people have kids and may happen to them such things.
2 - Focus on the message you are trying to deliver them to your kid, that crying does not raise any concern or anger for me and you will not get your order.
3 - remember... Do not get angry and don't engage in a dialogue with your kid whatever the subject of his screaming, even if he gave you  questions.
4 - completely ignoring the screaming... And try to show him that you are busy in something else... And you do not hear him, if you scream in his face, you give your attention to his act. If you gave him what he wants you know that all he has to do is to re-act his previous work.
5-If the kid stoped crying and pitted, you take a chance and give him your interest and show that you are very happy because he does not cry... And explain to him how he should behave to get what he wants. For example, to eat his food first and then the candy or that the reason that prevented you from realize his demand is what is required is danger and does not apply to kids.
6- If you are weak before the tantrum in front of people  Avoiding take him to the supermarket or the market or restaurant Until the end of the training period and he becomes calmer.
7- It is useful when you feel that the kid will develop tantrum before it takes crying try to draw his attention to something interesting in the way a red light... Funny Picture... or a favorite toy.
Finally remember, an important point, always only once is enough for the kid to know that if he cried and gave what he wants he will Re-act that again.

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  1. I am glad that I have read this post. I do have a very bad temper and sometimes when I am angry with my nieces and nephews I just close my eyes and count until I can no longer feel irritated. Kids are very handle but with these tips and advice of yours, I know I can handle them.

  2. Your blog have a lot of good research texts, keep up with good work!