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Malnutrition in kids... causes and treatment

Known child malnutrition by not getting the child's body the adequate nutrients, with the lack of essential nutrients foods provided to children, the problem of malnutrition is a disease that might be exposed to the child at the age of boyhood; therefore, we must feed the kid in all its stages from birth to age.

What are the symptoms of malnutrition or lack of nutrition in kids?
The main symptoms of malnutrition in children are as follows:
• Lack of vitality and activity;
• Loss of appetite;
• Lack of growth and not gaining weight as a natural addition to delays in walking or speech;
Vulnerability of the kid to a state of anxiety, disorder, constant crying without apparent external display;
The inability of the kid to sleep;
Diarrhea frequently next to a resistance to treatment in many cases;
Incidence of a number of skin diseases like eczema and rashes;
the proliferation of parasites in the body, Including worms in the intestine and the different types of fungi that reproduce on the skin and mucous membranes which may not end with treatment under the existence and continuation of the base problem, that is malnutrition.

The most significant causes of malnutrition are as follows:
• Lack of essential nutrients provided to children, whether in quantity or quality.
• A psychological or emotional disorders.
Disturbances in the absorption of food in the intestine.
Famines, it is one of malnutrition pictures.
Eating disorders, and inflammation of the colon.

Treatment of malnutrition in kids:
Treatment of malnutrition is often through supply the body with food that is lacking, next to the treatment of symptoms experienced by the kid and treatment of any health disorders arising from poor nutrition.

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  1. Breast milk contains proteins and amino acids vital to a child's growth. In at-risk populations, kwashiorkor may develop after a mother weans her child from breast milk, replacing it with a diet high in carbohydrates, especially starches, but deficient in protein.

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  4. Hello, bonjour, I am a parent of one, she is 17 years old now, but I was often amazed when she was younger and we were out with other parents how few of them paid any attention to nutrition, they seemed more concerned that their child was happy and having fun rather than being healthy. Of course our children's happiness is very important, but what I am is that so many of these parents were giving pop to toddlers rather than juice or milk. So many said they went to fast food places daily rather than made lunches at home - to be honest I found it a little sad and troubling, a treat is fine, but every day is lazy.

  5. Well done on this page. I am so pleased to read some treatment on malnutrition in kids.

  6. These ideas are really helpful. It is true that some kids are very picky with what they eat. This is reason why some of them experience malnutrition. As parents, we must maintain our kid's healthy diet to avoid sickness.

  7. Great tips! Kids are really picky when it comes to eating, that is why parents must be creative in presenting the kids the foods that they are going to eat. Like one time I remember I don't usually eat string beans but my mother make it a point that we eat it by making it looks like a ribbon and coaching us to eat it.

  8. Creativity is the answer to that picky child's stomach.They will surely eat veggies when it is presented to them.

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  11. Helpful tips especially for those new parents.Kids must eat nutritious foods for them to grow up healthy and fit. As much as possible junk foods must be avoided.

  12. I think this stage always happen to every kid. Do not allow your children to control you. Allotting meal choices to your children is a surefire way to create picky eating and a power struggle. If you believe that your child is not growing at a proper rate or meal time becomes stressful in your home, please consult your physician for further advice.

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