dimanche 28 août 2011

How you discover that your kid is gifted

Many parents do not realize that they have a treasure in their hands must be invested, Gifted kid is a treasure and must be nurtured and working to develop his talent.

What is a gifted child?
Is one that has intelligence above average natural and shows the ability of high mental creativity.

How family discover that his kid is gifted
Rests with the family the responsibility of discovering and nurturing the talents of their children, but in most cases the family is unable to do their duty because of lack of experience factors and training or due to lack of sufficient information about the talents of kids and ways to deal with it.

Characteristics of a gifted kid:
 Gifted kids have a set of characteristics and features distinguish them from others, these are three groups of the characteristics of gifted kids:

- Physical characteristics:
The level of physical growth and general health of talented is more than the normal level, gifted kids can generally walk and speak at an early age than normal kids, as they are strong in their bodies and they have grown ahead of the growth of bone from their peers, In addition to the early physical maturity.

- The characteristics of mental and cognitive:
- Most important characteristic of a gifted kid from the other normal kids lies in his characteristics and mental abilities, Gifted kid  is faster in his mental grow from the other normal kids, and his mental age is greater than his chronological age. and among its main mental characteristics, there is:
The power of memory
Love of the poll, attentive.
• The Super- ability to the observation.
Speed of response.

- Psychological and social characteristics:
Many studies confirmed that the gifted kid is more sensitive; however, he is more popular than the normal kid, and has a greater ability to form social relationships with others, they also excel to ordinary children in their adaptation to the environment, where his personal qualities will be sublime, so he will be (Naughty; more in line with others; critic; tends to the role of commander; tend to form social relationships; prefer games with complex rules).

These characteristics and properties assist the family to define the qualities of a gifted kid until they discover and provide adequate investment to him.

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  1. And it is basically taking the strengths of your child and moving forward with them which is what will develop your child as a human being. Some children will have strengths that go much further than others, meaning they are gifted, but everyone is different. As the saying goes, what makes you different makes you beautiful.

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