vendredi 26 août 2011

Teens need parental control

Kids are the youth of future, they are the important slice in our society.
When they will be in a teenage we must give them our  further attention beacause they are in a very sensitive stage.

The strong relation between parents and Family cohesion can help teens do not go in the wrong way.
In the case of divorce, parents will be separated and each one will take his way. Kid finds himself alone, no one helps or guides him.

I don't know what was in his or her  head, or what his or her intentions are. I don't control his or her behavior, I don't know what happen,"Where is his or her mother at? some fathers say. In contrast mothers say the same. The teen will feel alone and in the same time will feel free. I CAN DO ALL WHAT I WANT, I WILL PROVED MY PRESENCE TO THEM, MUST ATTRACT THIER ATTENTION.
What’s the faster and the effective way to get that. If he or she didn’t find someone to help him or her to the strict way, the teenager will take any way to get his aim.
Many danger ways to attract parents, some teens take the way of theft, others use drug and in many cases it will lead to Murder.

Finally, All I know is that I love him or her," father or mother said". I don't know what happened. He or she needs some help. Needs some serious help. So please try to not put this innocent kid and your selves in this situation.

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