samedi 1 octobre 2011

How to teach your child a second language?

Many parents want their child to master a second language at an early age. Learning is certainly easier for a child than an adult, but it should adopt some methods to facilitate learning. The good news is that you will not need to master perfectly the language in question to learn him. Here are some tips to get started.

1. Adapt your methods of learning for children
Children learn quickly, but no matter how. Indeed, learning methods are different from those used for adults. Prefer activities and interactions rather than binding rules and exercises tedious of memorization. Children learn best in the scope of play activities; for example, you would teach him vocabulary more easily through conversation.
2. Get your learning materials suitable for children

Avoid traditional textbooks for teenagers. Prefer more entertaining supports, such as stories, poems and games that captivate children's attention and allow them to learn a foreign language more effectively. You can also organize practical work as part of their learning (coloring, cutting, give free course to your imagination).

3. Use daily the second language
It is important that children often use the second language in everyday life. Indeed, regular oral practice will enable him to fix what they have learned durable. Talk to him from time to time in the language so that he can talk and use phrases and vocabulary they have learned.

4. Put forward culture of the language he learns
The child, like adult, learns a language more effectively, becoming familiar with its culture. Do not hesitate to put forward this culture, whether by movies, books, or by artists who have marked this culture. The child will understand cultural references that may appear in some expressions, and will be more comfortable when he expresses in this language.

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  1. The 4th one is the best in my opinion! I've been learning both French and English since I was very young and it's mainly thanks to my parents and the environment that I can master both very well. School helped too of course because they are both compulsory languages. Great post!