vendredi 18 novembre 2011

Children overcome the exams stress

Like adults, children and adolescents are not immune to stress, this famous  syndrome characterized a modern disease. Youth is victim especially in specific cases such as holding a presentation or in the preparation of a formal review. The surge in anxiety is mainly due to the degree of importance given by the student to review he will pass.

Here are some tips to help them better cope with stressful situations

1. move
the Regular practice of  physical activity helps regulate emotions and, therefore, to increase tolerance to stress and uncertainty.

2. Divert his attention
suggest him  to think of something nice every time that make him  feels the stress Up: like to watch a funny film.

3play down
we invite him to reassess the situation in the light of the facts. "You do not risk failing. I ask you questions and you know all the answers. You know it well, the matter ".

4. Revise our expectations
Also, we asked him: puts him in too much pressure  for him to succeed? Sometimes, it is the unrealistic expectations of parents that make the child afraid of not be at the height or to disappoint ".

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