dimanche 25 décembre 2011

Take advantage of your child's leisure time, for educational activities beneficial

- Go on a tour of the parks and  collects a different types of leaves or flowers and makes an album for it.

- Visit the zoo and take pictures.

- Make a kite and participate with the other children the play.

- Go to the library and read the stories appropriate for ages of children.

- Train them and control them during cycling in the park.

- Go to the puppet theater and watch one of the offers.

- Participate in sports activities at the centers and the clubs like: swimming, karate and football.

- Taking them to pray in the mosque and meet new children.

- Involve them in a part of teaching the Koran.

- Encourage them to participate in various competitions at the level of the neighborhood or school.

- Enjoy the sunset scene with them in one of the gardens or parks, or from the balcony of the house.

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