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Food allergies in children

What is food allergy ?
Food allergies happen once your defense mechanisms makes a mistake. Generally, your immune system defends you against microbes and disease. It does this by making antibodies which help you combat bacteria, viruses, and other tiny microorganisms that can make you ill. But for those who have a food allergy, their immune system incorrectly treats something in a specific food as if it's really risky for them.
A similar form of thing occurs with any allergy, no matter if it's a remedy (as penicillin), pollen in air (from flowers and trees), or perhaps a food, like peanuts. So the element on its own isn't dangerous, however the way the body responds to it is.
If a child with peanut allergy would've ingested that peanut-topped brownie, here's what can occur. Antibodies to some thing from the food would result in mast cells (a kind of defense mechanisms cellular within the body) to launch chemical substances in to the bloodstream. One of those chemical substances is histamine.

The most prevalent food allergies are:
- milk
- eggs
- fish
- nuts
- citrus fruit
- tomatoes.

What are the symptoms?

Kids with food allergies frequently have a number of different signs and symptoms. Included in this are:
   - serious childish eczema or skin rash
   - vomiting and diarrhea for no obviously reason
   - asthmatic bronchitis or asthma
   - allergic cold (itchy, streaming eyes and nose).

How do food allergies start?
A hypersensitive reaction to food is generally a type 1 allergic reaction to a thing within the food.
Meaning that  your kid's immune system generates a class of antibodies known as IgE responding to a specific food. These antibodies result in the allergic signs and symptoms.
Nearly 1 / 3 from the people leave out particular foods from them diet plan or their children's eating  as they think they lead to an allergic reaction.
In reality, just 3 % of kids suffer allergic reactions to food, and a lot will grow out of them in advance of they get to age three.

What must you do if you suspicious your kid has a food allergy?
Call your physician 1st.
 Don't put the child on the strange restricted diet that could cause malnutrition.
A modification of your child's bowel motions is not a indication of food hypersensitivity.
 It is totally ordinary for any child's bowel motions to modify if their diet plan is modified.
Most significantly: unwind. Don't think that your kids is suffering from a food allergy till this is proven by an allergy specialized.

How are food allergies treated?
Dieting that removes food is the primary strategy to this type of allergy.
In rare situations, feeding on even a tiny bit of the food may cause anaphylactic shock (serious difficulty breathing and heart malfunction), resulting in collapse.
Anaphylactic shock requirements instant remedy with adrenaline, so look for medical help immediately if your kid abruptly starts to have difficulty breathing.

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