vendredi 9 septembre 2011

The importance of breakfast in children

Breakfast an important meal!
Breakfast is a capital meal which is unfortunately all too often absent or neglected in children.  Yet, when our children get up in the morning their bodies need to refuel "fuel" to be in shape all the day. A good "breakfast" is essential, it avoids including the pump stroke of 10-11 hours resulting of fatigue, difficulty concentrating.

Why this meal is neglected?
Various reasons are put forward by the children or parents explaining that this real meal is forgotten.
  •         lack of time
  •         lack of appetite
  •         but there is no negligence (sometimes) from the parents?

Some tips allow remedying this:
It must raise awareness of the importance of breakfast and find the solution or solutions adapted to each age for that meal becomes a true moment of sharing.
  •          prepare the table  in a way appetizing
  •          give a fruit juice in fast to whet the appetite
  •          varied food selection
  •          provide a little extra time (get up 10 minutes earlier)
  •       for the child who goes to school, prepare the schoolbag  the evening to the next day
Breakfast is a meal essential for children (as for adults) must above all be balanced and must meet the nutritional needs of the child.

What to bring for breakfast?
  •         The group cereals and derivatives for the energy needed till noon: bread, biscuits, and cereals.
           The pastries and cookies are both very fat and sweet. They are to advise occasionally for fun.
  •        A hazelnut of butter (fat) provides flavor and vitamin A.
  •         Jam, honey can also be added to the bread.
  •         A source of calcium must be present for proper bone growth. We will have to table a dairy product: milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, petit suisse.
  •         We must also re-hydrate the body with a drink, cold or hot.
  •         Finally, it is important to get your fill of vitamins C and simple sugars with a fruit or natural fruit juices (100% fruit).

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