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Obésity in child

 What's obesity?
Obesity is the state of a person or animal, having a body mass much greater than what is desirable or acceptable, generally due to an accumulation of body fat. The human obesity has been recognized as a disease in 19972 by the WHO. This organization defines "Overweight and obesity as an abnormal accumulation or excessive fat that can affect health." Its prevention is a public health problem in developed countries. It can have significant impacts on the health of the individual.

                                                     child obesity

Obesity: the child in danger!
Obesity now affects 10% of children. Prevent the disease from an early age is a goal as essential as delicate: all errors can have serious and lasting consequences. What are the causes of overweight in children?

Causes of child obesity
Here is a list explaining the factors taken into account in childhood obesity:
Food: excess of food input, an imbalance between calories consumed and those really burned, and the need therefore is adjusted on a case by case.
Qualitatively unbalanced diet promotes weight gain: too much fat (chocolate, biscuits, and delicatessen), too much sugar (sodas, confectionery).
Feeding behavior: Breakfast missing or rushed, pastry-making, cookies, snacking while watching television, snacks of 10 hours utility discussed and recommended...
Physical inactivity: increasing number of hours spent watching TV or game console, absence of sport.
Genetic factors: but do not hide behind the idea, the culinary heritage accounts for much of the family obesity.
Psychological factors: divorce, abuse, arrival of a little brother,
separation with the mum...

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