mardi 6 septembre 2011

What to do with a shy child

There are several things you can do to help your kid. Help your kid feels well about him. Even if he is reserved and discreet, let him know that this is correct, but until certain point. 
  • Encourage your kid to develop. Go by steps and continue your efforts.
  • When your kid gives his opinion, listen to him even if you do not agree with what he says.
  • Encourage all initiatives that take small risks and that he dares.
  • Subtly, present him models of people who have insurance. Also try to be an example for your kid. It will tend to imitate you.
  • Do not over-protect your kid. Let him solves small relationship problems that can occur with other kids or with adults.
  • Teach him to persevere, even if he does not get always the results that he wants.
  •   Promote the development of his sense of responsibility. let him the care to make certain choices.
  • Encourage him to be active. Let him play sports,  cultural activities. Inscribe him to group classes.
  • Do not be complicit in its avoidance strategies. Say sometimes no.
·        Note his success. Encourage all opportunities which will bring a greater sense of autonomy, of competence and self-esteem.
Have fun with your kid. He will conclude that he can be comfortable with others.

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