jeudi 3 novembre 2011

How to detect a visual defect in a child?

Apart from the obvious case of default, it still believes that the child sees well. But only a thorough examination will be able to provide certainty. Earlier than the visual defect is corrected, At most, the vision will be improved.
The observation of one of these symptoms in a child should prompt parents to consult an ophthalmologist :

In the baby:
- He rubs his eyes as if often is inconvenience ;
- His eyes remain fixed and do not follow the movements above the cradle ;
- It seems flee the light ;
- He holds his head abnormally leaning ;
- he squints ;
- He blinks nervously eyes.

In young children:
- He rubs his eyes as if often is inconvenience ;
- He holds his head abnormally leaning ;
- When he walks, he stumbles frequently ;
- He gets too close to TV ;
- He does not recognize the images, the colors of educational games ;
- He writes his head leaning or stuck on his notebooks ;
- He folds his eyelids to see far ;
- He closes one eye in the sun ;
- He regularly complains of headaches.

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