jeudi 3 novembre 2011

Measles in babies

What is it?
Measles is the eruptive fever that reaches the largest number of children worldwide. Its complications, rare in Western countries, are frequent in the Third World and are responsible for heavy mortality.
Measles is associated with a paramyxovirus. It occurs in epidemics in winter and spring in temperate countries. Children under 6 months are generally protected by antibodies from their mothers (if she had measles or has been vaccinated).
Contamination performed by propelling droplets of infected individuals infected saliva. The patient is contagious four days before the eruption. The virus disappears from the blood 4 days after the start of the eruption.

The symptoms of measles are quite characteristic including high fever (39 to 40 ° C), a conjunctivitis (eyes weep and are sensitive to light), a cough accompanied with whitish spots in the throat, nasal flow, sometimes diarrhea followed by the appearance of dark red patches with a slight relief.
That's about 4 days after the first symptoms of the disease as red patches  characteristic of measles apear generally at first behind the ears, then on the face and body).
The child with measles is extremely tired, he eats little. The illness lasts about ten days.

How is measles spread?
Measles is a highly contagious disease whose transmission is predominantly through the air, saliva droplets are transporting the virus from one patient to another. The virus can also remain in the air, or be on a contaminated surface.
The duration of the incubation (the time between contamination and the first visible signs of measles) is about 10 days.
The risk of contagion of measles to another child persists four to five days after the onset of the first plate.

What to do in case of measles suspicion ?
There is no proper treatment of measles.
Because of fever, the child should be regularly hydrated (do drink frequently).
Only drugs against fever and cough may be administered. Consult your doctor who can make a diagnosis, and in cases of measles and ensure the absence of complications of the disease.

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