mardi 20 décembre 2011

Care of your baby's ear

The little baby's ear is composed  as the ear of the adult of the inner ear responsible for balance of human, The outer ear is the " pinna ", the middle ear containing three bones thin Related to the child THROAT in a channel called Astekeus Channel , this channel in children is broader than in adults and low inclination also, and here comes the risk.

Many mothers breastfeed their babies as they are in the position of sleep, the milk remains in the throat for a long time And part of it leak through the Astekeus channel to the middle ear that occurs an Inflammation after that the pus And accompanied by a rise in temperature, in some cases diarrhea and vomiting Causing the screaming and crying of child. And with neglect of treatment of pus accumulated Lead to a breach of the eardrum and the child loses hearing. There is another risk caused when the mother cleaning the child's ear with water or oxygen or by a stick of sulfur, the wax located in the ear of the child will expelled spontaneously with the movement of the jaw. As you notice any inflammation you should quickly consult the doctor.

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