mercredi 21 décembre 2011

How the child uses his eyes?

The newborn child turns his head towards the light when it shines, and If the mother  puts her face in a close level of his face he focuses for a moment or for a moments his eyes upon her.

-The first month: The child begins to pursue anything moving by his eyes.

- The third month, or approximately: Pursues the thing moving from side to side no matter what was the distance. Staring his eyes and looks to see what surrounds him.

- Of the third month to the sixth month: He starts the habit of looking at his hands while he is lying on his back.

- The sixth month: Looking for small pieces and colorful games and he may turns to see a game or a doll that raise his interest.

Eye communication between mother and child is very important because It reflects a form of the interaction and responsiveness, between them, And strengthens the emotional connection over the warm days.

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