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What's dyslexia? 

Dyslexia is a condition that makes the child incapable despite his experience of the traditional classroom to acquire the technical language that would allow him to learn to read, writing and express orally.
The child, however, is normally intelligent and does not suffer any hearing or visual impairment.

Dyslexia symptoms: 

The symptoms of dyslexia are sometimes difficult to detect. However, some signs are visible before learning to read.

 Possible signs before primary school:

  •  Late language;

  •  Difficulty of learning new words, build sentences;

  • Difficulty recognizing letters;

  • An inability to rhyme;

  •  A tendency to have difficulty to write his name;

  •  Insufficient immediate memory;

  • Difficulty to navigate in space.

Signs in primary school:

  •  Difficulty in learning to read;

  • A slow towards the writing;

  • Lack of attention;

  • Concerns understanding;

  •  Difficulty differentiating certain close words;

  • Difficulty answering several requests at the same time;

  • A problem to differentiate between certain letters (the b and d for example) or certain words;

  • Difficulty in cutting an unknown word in several syllables, spell, pronounce long words;

  • Difficulty learning a foreign language;

  • A tendency to not memorize the alphabet or days of the week;

  • Problems of coordination, motor skills.

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