mercredi 2 juillet 2014

Dealing with depression

A depressed person loses confidence in him, is devalued and guilt, which strengthens even more his case. Often the criticism expressed or not environment aggravate the disease.

how to deal with depression

Here are some tips to deal with depressive teen:

Avoid the blame

We must therefore abolish all moral lesson, all phrases such as "You give too much," or "with you will you go out with."
These statements have a devastating effect on the depressed. They often accentuate his guilt. If you adopt such a speech, depressed lose trust in you, risk falling back a little more about himself.
Should not either encourage them to recover because he is unable without help. You may make it take more aware of their weaknesses.

Taking suffering seriously

It should not trivialize the suffering of your teen: needless to say "it does not matter" or "each of his own problems." Depressive requires that we take his suffering seriously. Your presence must be reassuring. Without dragging him into depression, accompany him without shoving him. You must make him understand that he is not responsible for his condition, and you know it. Made him admit that it is a disease, which will be healed. Submit him to consult a doctor and talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist.

A positive environment

Depressed people tend to see everything in black. They have a negative view of themselves, of the world and the future. You can help by always showing them the positive side of everything and reassuring them about their personal potential. Try to maintain your own enthusiasm to make him share.

Keep in touch with his friends

Many depressive truly cut their environment. They think that their depression should be kept secret, they feel shame.
In fact, it is better to keep in touch and talk about his illness to his friends is  invaluable help.

Suffering also for related

Relatives of depressive also need to be supported. feel deep pain at the thought of not making their joint happy. Often, they come to be convinced that they are even responsible for his illness. Do not hesitate also to seek help: you can not support your family even if you need support!

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