samedi 5 juillet 2014

How to discipline your child

Discipline is essential to allow the child to grow up healthy and able to evolve in society;
It enables young people to develop their self-esteem, respect those around, and learn to solve problems and to live in society;
Every child needs to know limits, the difference between appropriate behavior and those that need to be avoided.

What are effective "methods"?

  Respect its values
To effectively discipline their children, parents must develop a system of reasonable rules that are consistent with their family values ​​(religious ethics, etc..), but mostly that does not infringe on the child and do not put him in a lower position.

  Dialogue, mutual respect, communication
They are essential for helping the child to follow the rules.

  Clear and constant rules
You must explain to your child so that he fully understands and knows what to expect in the event of non-compliance (punishment accordingly). Of course, the most important is to apply the promised consequences; otherwise your child will quickly understand that your rules can be broken without that nothing happens...

  Positive discipline
The child specialists generally agree that positive discipline is always more effective than a "totalitarian" system in which there is a "leader" and "subjects." It is perfectly possible to instill positive behaviors in children with firmness, while remaining gentle and patient.

  You're not his friend!
By cons, despite a widely trend nowadays, the "parent-friend" will often be difficult to be respected by your youth.
It is obviously possible and recommended to maintain a relationship with your children where you can laugh and have fun, but your child should never forget that  must respect you and cannot have the same behavior with friends with you. This is the first rule paramount that will arise all other...

Rules for parents

This time, there are some rules for parents, which are essential to establish an effective method:
  • Adapt your demands to the age of the child: we do not expect the same thing from a 3 year old as a preteen of 10 years;
  • Respect your child ... Even if he does something that you find unacceptable, do not ridicule him in front of everyone;
  • Be consistent in your demands: do not authorize something tomorrow  that prohibits you today;
  • Accord yourself with your spouse and your family on how to discipline the child. If your positions and your rules are different too, the young may not know where to turn and ends by not making only his own way;
  • Rate your mood: some days everything goes wrong for you, as for your child ... Do not be too severe in these moments, because you might say / do things that you regret later;
  • Do what you say, if you advertise a consequence or punishment for a particular action, APPLY IT! Even you have been too hard. If you do not, it's even better to say nothing at all...

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