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How to make baby sleep

Sleep problems in babies are many, refusal of your baby to sleep without caring or breast-feeding to waking several times in the night and refuses to sleep in his bed .. May be interested you to know that these are natural characteristics for babies, They are different from us physically where their deep sleep and wake cycles are shorter. In addition, to their sense of fear and unity for the night and the presence of the mother or the father near them gives them a feeling of security that they need constantly.

Some parents do not mind sharing their bed with their baby while others prefer the baby sleeps in his bed separate. Also  It differs greatly from child to child, Some child, his sleep organized alone and doesn't wake up during the night, others are not able to sleep without suckle or shake And they need help to get back to sleep whenever they woke up ..

But you can train your baby to sleep alone and stay in bed for the night ..
  How do you do that?!

The first step: Begin to organize your child's sleep.
Firstly, your child will sleep in a more regular sessions, so help him first to differentiate between night and day, by making him active during the day and leave the curtains open to see natural daylight, then Avoid  stimulating him with lights and games in the evening and be sure to calm the general ambience of the house.
Secondly, organize his sleep, and put him to sleep at the same time during the day (Needs to two naps during the day) and follow the specific system and at the same time in the evening before going to sleep, like breastfeeding then a shower and then read a book and then turning off the lights.

Step Two: separate between breastfeeding and sleeping.
Whether your baby suckle is breastfeeding or industrial avoid took him to sleep and he suckles, It will be difficult for you to break this habit later and will continue Waking up  to breastfeed at night his returning to sleep has become associated with this, So make sure that your baby suckles and full before he falls asleep.

Step three: Replace the breastfeeding by shaking or walking.
Instead of feeding your baby to sleep Begin walking or shaking when he seems sleepy for week or ten days, because breaking the habit will be easier and your goal is to get rid of connect-feeding your baby with sleep.

Step Four: Help your child to sleep lying down.
After a period of walking and shaking your child by you will need to help him to sleep without the need for that so Begin tremor a little and then stop before he falls asleep, carry him in your hands if only began to cry, shake a bit, then stop, and so even falls asleep, may you try to over 20 times but then he will sleep .. Continue in this step another week even he gets used to the new system.

Step Five: Help your baby to sleep in his bed.
The next step after that your baby gets used to sleep without shaking between your hands, it is that you will begin to place him very slowly and quietly in his bed, If he began crying lift him out again and wait and then try again, You may also trying more than 20 times, but in the end he will leave you to put him without objection and you become very close to your goal that he sleeps in his bed alone.

The final step: touch him instead of carrying him.
When your child gets used to put him in the bed before he falls asleep,   make sure to put your hand on his stomach or his head, or holding his hand just he is so completely asleep and not carry again after you put him, and even he wakes up at night  try to put him again and just  touch him  without lifted from his bed, here, your child habituate to fall asleep in his bed alone gradually. 
Remember that do not leave your baby crying  to habituate to sleep alone, he always needs to feel your presence. Despite, the fact that this process needs to weeks and even months and you need patience as well as when your child is trained to anything else, but comfortable way in the long run and it doesn't hurt the child psychologically as leaving him cries and the more importantly, this helps him to form a sound sleep habits.

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