vendredi 15 mai 2015

Massage for baby

With the birth, Baby loses all the marks he had acquired, when he was still cradled in his mother's womb. The massages will help them find sweet sensations and discover theis body. Soon, these sessions will become a special moment waited between parents and toddlers...

Belly Massage
Put your hands on  stomach Baby and drag, one after the other, by the movement of the "water mill".
You can also make circular motions with your fingertips, around the navel.

buttocks Massage
Proceed the baby lying down on his back. Run your hands under his buttocks and make small circular motions to relax.

Legs massage
Massaging the Baby leg high the upper thigh to the ankle, intially. Then reverse, by bringing your hands from the foot to the groin.
Then place your hands on either side of the leg and perform "rolled" to activate blood circulation. Then go to the other leg.

Foot massage
Massage the Baby sole of the foot with the thumb, running back from the heel to the toes. Then massage each toe, one by one, top of the foot and finally the ankle, by making small circles with the fingers at the bone.

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