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How to take care of a baby

 How to take care nose of your baby

  • To remove impurities and to prevent infections, regularly clean the nose of your baby, but be careful not to irritate him with a nasal aspirator or suction bulb Clean rather nose of your baby with saline solution. The saline solution removes secretions, decongests due to salt, moistens the nose and prevents bleeding.
  •  The layer change is a great time to clean the nose of your baby. Lie down him on the back and place the dropper gently to the opening of the nostril. Put the entire contents of the dropper (1 ml) in each nostril. If dried secretions remain stuck, gently clean the inside of the nostrils with a wet cotton swab. Instill again a full dropper (1 ml) per nostril.
    If secretions persist, use a nasal aspirator baby or suction bulb to aspirate.

  •  If your baby has a stuffy nose with secretions, it is particularly important to clean his nose before drinking, eating or sleeping. You can also take a long bath or a long shower with your baby. Water and water vapor can make secretions more liquid, and thus help clean his nose.

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