samedi 21 mars 2015

school dropping out

The causes of school dropping out:

The causes and factors of dropping out are multiple, among them we quote:
- Some dropouts meet family or relationship problems; suffer from depression or school phobia. Depressive young also represent a young dropout in five.

- Others are average students, little interested in the courses and not comfortable in the classroom. They are bored and remain on the sidelines. They are the invisible -presents. They come in high school, are there in the classrooms, but their learning difficulties and delays as they dropout without doing noise. Teachers often ignore their presence, because these students do not pose any behavior problem and they are not anchored in the spiral of absenteeism.

- Some have behavioral problems; they are punished repeatedly and are built in opposition to school. They are the visible -presents. those who disrupt the smooth running of the class.

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