jeudi 6 août 2015

How to get kids interested in reading

All parents wish their children to grow up in a perfect way to become distinguished people in the future.
Among the ways to make the child a distinct is reading because it develops the mental and intellectual level.
In this subject i present to you a set of rules to develop the ability and love of reading to your child.

- Start reading to your child early, because if you start early in it, it will be easily for your child to accept the reading.

- Firstly, choose stories for your child where they are Selected, which means it contains many repetitions to stimulate his capacity to speak and listen.

- Read with your child every opportunity and as much as you can keep his attention and his desire to follow-up.

- Start with stories with photos and contain few words, then gradually begin to move to the books with more words and fewer pictures.

- The first time you read a certain story, point to the images on the cover and mention the title of the story and ask them what they expect to be the subject of the story.

- The good mood is a very important factor to accept your child to read. Orders such as "Sit well, stop doing that and listen... doesn’t help the child to love reading.

- From time to the other choose a story you think it outweigh your child's current capabilities and read it to him, it’s good to challenge the capabilities of your child from time to other.

- Some children may hesitate and cannot sit idle while reading, you can give him paper and pen so he preoccupied with them while you read to him. So he gets used to sit for awhile and listen to the stories.

- At the beginning of the story, give your child the opportunity for few minutes in order to settle and prepare physically and mentally to listen to the story.

- While reading an illustrated book   be sure that your child is able to see the pictures clearly.

- Remember that the Talent of reading stories to your child does not come instinctively for each fathers and mothers, so you have to practice it often to master it.

- Organizing time where children read themselves, even if it means they only look at the pictures and turning the pages.

- Of the most common mistakes when reading to child is reading quickly, so read quietly to make sure that your kid is able to imagine what you read.

- Evaluate and review the book before reading it to your child, this gives you the opportunity to see parts that you might want to prolongation in it and explained it, in addition to some of the parts that you want to avoid mentioned it in the story for any reason.

- When your child wants to read to you, it is best to choose an easy story to read.

- Encourage your older children to read to their younger brothers.

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